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Pau public law (PDP)


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  • Energy and the environment

    It is hardly necessary to underline the importance of energy issues affecting modern societies, in both developed and emerging countries.Energy has always... Read more

  • Health and social welfare

    The area of research of this new program covers social welfare and health policies. For our research center, the initial focus of this field of study... Read more

  • Public contract law

    These past few years, administrative contracts have become of decisive importance both in the actions of public entities and in public law. Indeed, public... Read more

  • Public sector procedures and legal disputes

    The subject of public sector legal disputes has always been a major area of research despite never really being clearly included in the previous activities... Read more

  • Regional authority law

    In almost 30 years, the CECL – and since 2011 Pau Droit Public – has made its mark in the field of regional authority law research. 1 – Key frameworks... Read more

Pau Droit Public (PDP) (Pau public law)Presentation

On January 1, 2011, the CECL (research center for local authorities) was replaced by the PDP (Pau public law) research center.

The former was created in the early 1980s under...

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