Regional authority law

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Pau public law (PDP)
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Regional authority law

In almost 30 years, the CECL – and since 2011 Pau Droit Public – has made its mark in the field of regional authority law research.


1 – Key frameworks for group and individual research

The center is traditionally responsible for prominent recurrent work which consists of monitoring legislation and case law relating to regional authorities, including:

  • The regular update (three times a year, including two digital updates and one printed update) of annotations to the French General Regional Authorities Code (Code Général des Collectivités Territoriales (CGCT)) published by Dalloz (annotations for which the team has been responsible since the first edition).
  • The annual analysis of administrative case law with the publication of Droit et gestion des collectivités territoriales (Regional authority law and management) by the GRALE-CNRS (which has replaced the Annuaire des collectivités locales - the local authorities’ directory) which is distributed by the Editions Le Moniteur.
  • As part of the Dalloz encyclopedia of local authorities, for which Professor Jean-Claude Douence is scientific director, several of the center's researchers-lecturers have written (and continue to write) entries, which they are then responsible for updating. Several of our PhD students are also regularly called upon by the Editions Dalloz to update certain of the encyclopedia's old entries.

In addition to these traditional publications, several of the center’s researchers have recently been called upon to work on the Mémento Lefebvre du maire (The Mayor’s handbook, published by Lefebvre) which is due to published at the end of the first quarter of 2011.


2 – Participation in the “Local Authorities and Territories” Federation

The “Regional authority law” team helped create a “Local Authorities and Territories” research federation in collaboration with other research centers (in the fields of economics, management and territorial planning). “Intermunicipality and territorial cooperation” was chosen as the main focus of this federation.

With this in mind, a seminar will be organized on the administrative freedom of regional authorities faced with intermunicipal construction. In addition to the center’s researchers, research staff from the Institut d’études ibériques et ibérico-américaines (IE2IA - the Institute of Iberian and Ibero-American Studies) as well as Spanish researchers, with which close ties are being fostered (at the University of Rioja and the University of Aragon), will also take part.


3 – Partnerships and the commercialization of research

The “Regional authority law” team intends to continue and strengthen (through the signing of framework agreements) partnerships that have existed for years between our research center and various local institutions, such as the Centre de Gestion de la fonction publique territoriale (the territorial civil service management center) and the Maison des Communes (Municipalities’ Center - training of local politicians; participation in several recruitment exams for local officers, creation of an observatory for changes in territorial civil services in the departments of the southern Aquitaine region), as well as with several partner establishments and numerous local authorities. This proximity often provides researchers-lecturers with real life source material for their work and also benefits Master 2 “Territorial framework’ and Master 2 “Public sector contract law and legal disputes” students by offering internships within the various institutions.

Regional authority law

Head of areas of research: Maylis DOUENCE - Jean GOURDOU

  • Maylis Douence - co-director
  • Philippe Zavoli - co-director
  • Antoine Bourrel
  • Annie Fitte-Duval
  • Jean Gourdou
  • Frédéric Lafargue
  • Michel Lagarde
  • Jérémie Marchand
  • Françoise Sempé
  • Philippe Terneyre
  • Jean-Claude Douence