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Pau public law (PDP)
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Research projectACCENERGIE

Energy law is rapidly changing. What importance does this law place on access to energy and what legal provisions exist to enable its efficiency? The answer to this question lies in economic, social and environmental law but also in fundamental rights. Current and future far-reaching changes in energy sources raise the question of universal access to energy. The security of energy supply is a key pre-requisite to all energy access rights. This has been recognized through a regulatory framework and this right of access will be explored from all angles: economic, social and geographic. This comparative interpretation of rights will provide useful insight in the preparation of a review of the current structure of energy access rights based on all these approaches and a short, medium and long-term outlook for development. The birth of a new law, such is the case of energy access law, has considerable development potential and ACCENERGIE also intends to introduce new and interesting areas of future research in energy law, which will represent a major challenge to public policy in the future.

Beginning of the project: May 2013

Duration: 12 months

Report not yet published (mid-2015).