Public contract law

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Pau public law (PDP)
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Public contract law

These past few years, administrative contracts have become of decisive importance both in the actions of public entities and in public law. Indeed, public entities prefer reaching voluntary agreements with citizens rather than resorting to unilateral acts. Public contracts are vectors for economic development, on a national scale (national defense markets, partnership agreements for the construction of rail and road infrastructures, etc.) and a local scale, and the general influence of Anglo-Saxon law promotes the use of contracts, considered as highly advantageous.

Consequently, all the major corporate law firms and legal divisions of companies and public entities are now hiring specialists in “public contract law”. Law schools are creating Master’s degrees devoted to public procurement contracts and, more generally, to corporate public law. Editors are publishing specialized reviews (legal bulletin of public contracts; public contracts and markets; current events in public purchasing) and reference works on the subject.

All these elements combine to make this a crucial theme and one that says the most about the contemporary development of our law. It is therefore important to create an observation post to monitor the main changes taking place in this key discipline.

Researchers at the center have very strong competencies in this field of investigation that are reflected in the many responsibilities they hold in high-profile legal publications:

  • Professor Philippe Terneyre, manager of this research program, is also:

Co-author of the Lamy droit public des affaires (Business public law published by Lamy), published each year.

Scientific director of the Droit des marchés publics, Editions du Moniteur (Public market law published by Le Moniteur) (four tomes), constantly updated.

Co-editor-in-chief of the Bulletin juridique des contrats publics (Public contract legal newsletter) (bimonthly).

  • Professor Denys de Béchillon oversees the Corpus Droit public (Public law corpus) collection published by Economica, which includes books by Jean-Yves Chérot, Droit public économique (Public economic law), and Gilbert Orsoni, Elements de finances publiques (public finance elements).
  • Let us also point out that Antoine Bourrel is in charge of coordinating the updates of the Guide des marchés publics (Public market guide) published by Dalian.

These different responsibilities will naturally be maintained in the years to come. They go hand in hand with sustained production of all the members of the team in the field of public contract law, which will also be maintained.

In addition, for several years now, days to discuss current events in the legal domain have been organized in June and September. They address different subjects, some of which have already come within the scope of our field of study, and are aimed at law practitioners. These annual days are due to continue as they have encountered a resounding success among local players.

In parallel to the research activity, a Master’s degree on “Law and public litigation” with a curriculum on “Public contract law” was opened two years ago: it calls on the competencies of our team and external participants, particularly law practitioners. The students of this Master are led to study the different subjects mentioned above as part of their research work or internship report, with the knowledge that the center can act as a host laboratory for those who wish to pursue a doctoral degree. To date, all students have found internships in prestigious institutions or companies, a guarantee of almost immediate subsequent employment.

Finally, the many ties that exist already between the members of the program and a number of socio-economic players, both public and private, will be strengthened.

The team

Direction : Denys de BECHILLON - Philippe TERNEYRE

  • Philippe TERNEYRE - Director
  • Denys DE BECHILLON - Director
  • Maylis DOUENCE - Teacher
  • Antoine BOURREL - Teacher
  • Jean GOURDOU - Teacher
  • Jean Claude DOUENCE - Teacher
  • Philippe ZAVOLI - Teacher

PhD Students

Florent Lacarrère -  Thomas Moretto  -  Laure Romazzotti

More informations


Stéphanie Douteaud  -  Jean-Victor Maublanc -  Alexandre Vignes