Internal Energy Symposia

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Pau public law (PDP)
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Energy - EnvironmentEnergy in all its forms: a comparison of France and Germany - Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A comparison of legal and practical approaches on either side of the natural border formed by the Rhine was the guiding theme of this meeting. The morning was devoted to studying the different systems used to organize and manage the energy sector.  In the afternoon, the French and German models implemented to carry the energy transition forward were compared in order to highlight their dissimilarities, deeply rooted in the very different notion each of these States has of its local organization and the roles that public and private players should have.

The day’s presentations and speeches are now available:


Round table 1 - Organization of the energy sector

The power & gas production, transportation and distribution system in France - ENEDIS & TEREGA

The power & gas production, transportation and distribution system in Germany - Badenova

Round table 2 - Management of the energy sector

The French model of energy management - Louis de Fontenelle, Flavien Loustau, Lionel Tardy - UPPA

The German model of energy management - Prof. Dr. Michael Frey, Mirco Kron and Viola Schmidt - University of Kelh


Round table 3 - The energy transition models

The French energy transition model - Bernadette Le Baut-Ferrarèse - University Jean-Moulin-Lyon 3

The German energy transition model - Mirco Kron - University of Kelh

Round table 4 - The energy transition players 

The public players of the energy transition in France - Maylis Douence, Antoine Bourrel, ppt / presentation

  The energy transition, a vector for new partnerships between the public and private spheres (Jean Gourdou, Aurélie Launay - UPPA; oral presentation: Philippe Terneyre - UPPA), ppt / presentation

The public players of the energy transition in Germany - Prof. Dr. Mickael Frey - University of Kelh


The members of the Pau Droit Energie consortium:



  • June 29, 2010

Study day on the current events in energy law(pdf - 320 Ko).

Morning: Energy/Environment Current issues

Afternoon: Renewal of concessions

Speech by Philippe Zavoli: "Photovoltaic and wind energy: Economic and financial aspects" (pdf - 915 Ko)