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Pau public law (PDP)
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Energy and the environment

It is hardly necessary to underline the importance of energy issues affecting modern societies, in both developed and emerging countries.

Energy has always been a fundamental need and is becoming a key regulatory challenge at international and national levels. However, this new area of the law is still in the early stages of its development – very few legal research centers specialize in it, and there are consequently very few academic experts.

Yet in recent years, energy law has seen the introduction of an energy code and Community directives governing the opening up of the sector to competition. Moreover, French parliament is set to discuss an energy transition law, renewable energy law and tax are the current focus of public debate, and traditional energy law remains ever present: laws governing nuclear energy, hydro-electricity and fossil energy sources such as shale gas.

Our idea is to create an emerging research team made up of young researchers led by the two program heads. With this in mind, the center already has a post-doctoral researcher (specialized in energy access law), three CIFRE PhD students (“regional authorities and renewable energy”; “electricity distribution law”; “Does a public law governing energy saving exist?”) and is committed to sending the latter, along with other PhD students, to various seminars and study days in France and abroad.

More generally, the center, during the current accreditation period, intends to dedicate a major share of its scientific production to this new discipline through publications, in particular collective works following seminars for example.

To achieve these goals, Pau Droit Public intends to participate in the creation of a university network. However, and in all cases, it will be able to draw on the relationships with the professional networks which its heads have already founded with the sector’s major companies (EDF, ERDF, GRDF, TIGF, RTE, a Swiss hydropower company, GDF SUEZ, etc.), the Commission de Régulation de l'Énergie (French Energy Regulatory Commission) and the various specialized departments of the relevant ministries. Moreover, it is worth reiterating the significant presence of TOTAL in Pau, with which new partnerships are expected to be created.

The team

Focus Co-direction  :

Philippe Terneyre - Louis de Fontenelle

  • Philippe Terneyre - co-director
  • Louis de Fontenelle - co-director
  • Denys de Bechillon - professor
  • Antoine Bourrel - professor
  • Jean Gourdou - professor
  • Philippe Zavoli - professor
  • Maylis Douence - professor

Doctors and PhD Students


Doctors :

 PhD Students in energy law, click on the link :

Juliette BARBIER - Maylis DE BEHR - Elisabeth LAPORTE (thèse E2S) - Lionel TARDY    

Co-tutelle UPPA-UPV :