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Pau public law (PDP)
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A partnership has been developed with LexisNexis. This editor wished to be involved in the various events organized by Pau Droit Public and A2P (the Association of Pau Advertisers, Alumni of the “Public law” Master’s degree).

Several years ago, LexisNexis launched several online legal portals, called Lexis 360, aimed at legal professionals. The editor is now looking to develop the same kind of offer aimed at law students and lecturers.

To complement existing content (News, Encyclopedias, JurisClasseur Summaries, Jurisprudence, Texts, Indices & Rates, Agendas, Bibliographies), a new type of document, called “Education fact sheets”, has been created.

Like the fact sheets available on the professional portals, these have a highly practical content, with a specially-adapted presentation and editorial approach.